The ECAS is a vital part of the Telecommunications fabric and service within Ireland, operating in partnership and alongside the Telecommunications service providing direct communication services to the general public. It is our aim to work as closely as possible with all service providers, not least in the area of ongoing service availability and service provision. 

The ECAS is proud of our 100% availability record but we recognise the fact that we are only one link in the “telecoms and service chain” between the person who needs help, and the people that can provide that help. For this reason, we aim to work as closely as possible with all Service Providers on service-related issues and incidents. 

Service Providers are encouraged to engage with the ECAS service management on changes, PEWs, or indeed incidents which may affect access from the public to the Emergency Services. 

Service providers should also ensure that the ECAS has contact details for their NOC functions so that observed issues affecting emergency calling can be quickly reported and resolved.