Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) are organisations which may need to contact the Emergency Services in Ireland on behalf of a person located in Ireland and needing the assistance of the emergency services. This includes known risk to property.
Examples of Third party Service providers can include:

  • Ecall TPSPs – organisations providing in-vehicle assistance including access to emergency services
  • Buildings and Security Monitoring services
  • Industrial and Large Plant Monitoring services
  • Monitoring/Management services for Lone and Remote Workers
  • Telehealth/Telecare services
  • Counselling, Care and Crisis services
  • Dedicated services for persons with disabilities.

The ECAS Third Party Service Provider process provides direct access to the ECAS for approved organisations using an internationally accessible telephone number. This allows TPSPs operating monitoring services in operations centres outside of Ireland to contact all of the Irish Emergency Services via the ECAS, with ECAS performing the required Emergency service operational area and associated routing for the location where assistance is required.
Organisations or Services operating within Ireland on behalf of others, or who may require frequent access to the emergency services are also encouraged to sign up as ECAS TPSPs (as opposed to contacting the ECAS on 112 or 999) as ECAS has specific call handling procedures designed for TPSPs to expedite the routing and connection to the Emergency Services based on the fact that the caller (TPSP operator/agent) will have triaged the situation, identified the assistance required, and is expected to be able to provide an accurate location where the assistance is required.
Organisations wishing to be set up as ECAS TPSPs should contact us to get further information.