The Emergency Text Service can be used to contact the Emergency services for help by sending a Text message to 112. It can be used by anyone who is not able to make a voice call either due to things like speech or hearing problems or other situations where a voice call might not be possible.

As Text Communication is normally slower and less efficient (because it is typed), you should always try to make a voice emergency call if possible.

The Emergency Text Service can be used from any Irish registered mobile phone (either pre-pay or bill pay) on all the Irish Mobile networks.

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Getting Help using SMS

When you send an Emergency Text to 112, your message is sent to an ECAS Operator. The ECAS operator will contact the Emergency Service (Garda, Ambulance, Fire, or Coast Guard) that you request and read your message to them. The Emergency Service may need more information and the ECAS operator will reply to your text asking for more details if necessary.

Need help or more information about SMS to 112? Contact us here or your local Deaf organisation for assistance.